[Mono-bugs] [Bug 419222] Different finally behaviour compared to MS

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User awunwpa7 at yahoo.com.ph added comment

--- Comment #4 from Steve Odbc <awunwpa7 at yahoo.com.ph>  2008-08-28 01:13:43 MDT ---
The following might give an idea (of my understanding) what the MS framework
does if an exception is thrown by the user interface thread while the
Application.ThreadException handler is set:

public void Application::Run()
   while ( no exit message found )
      get next message

         process message
      catch ( exception )
         if ( Application.ThreadException handler was set )
            invoke Application.ThreadException handler

            ...and then go on...
            regardless of the
                AppDomain.CurrentDomain.UnhandledException handler:

            raise a fatal exception that crashes the entire application

Just don't ask me how the framework gets the correct sender parameter for the
Application.ThreadException handler.

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