[Mono-bugs] [Bug 323467] GetFileSystemInfos method does not work as expected

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--- Comment #5 from Dick Porter <dick at novell.com>  2008-08-27 07:30:33 MDT ---
See comment from io-layer/io.c (FindFirstFile):

        "* The pattern can have wildcard characters ? and *, but only
         * in the section after the last directory delimiter.  (Return
         * ERROR_INVALID_NAME if there are wildcards in earlier path
         * sections.)  "*" has the usual 0-or-more chars meaning.  "?"
         * means "match one character", "??" seems to mean "match one
         * or two characters", "???" seems to mean "match one, two or
         * three characters", etc.  Windows will also try and match
         * the mangled "short name" of files, so 8 character patterns
         * with wildcards will show some surprising results. 
         * All the written documentation I can find says that '?'
         * should only match one character, and doesn't mention '??',
         * '???' etc.  I'm going to assume that the strict behaviour
         * (ie '???' means three and only three characters) is the
         * correct one, because that lets me use fnmatch(3) rather
         * than mess around with regexes. "

So if someone has some conclusive documentation on how windows wildcards a) are
supposed to behave; and b) actually behave, then we can implement something.

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