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--- Comment #1 from Jonathan Pobst <jpobst at novell.com>  2008-08-19 08:36:21 MDT ---
For those following along at home, we reviewed this on IRC:

[13:50] <jpobst> i hadn't really thought it through yet, but i was hoping to
find a less invasive way to get the stuff you need
[13:51] <mario> less invasive? what do you mean?
[13:51] <jpobst> ideally, something that doesn't add four new events to every
[13:53] <mario> I'm not sure (I still need to continue with the missing
controls) but right now, only those three controls need the events.
[13:53] <jpobst> oh, i thought these were just the only three that had been
[13:53] <jpobst> and that many more would be coming
[13:58] <mario> jpobst: there are some controls that will need to be updated,
but I don't see many patches. maybe 3 more patches... I don't know... I'm just
saying a number
[13:59] <jpobst> alright, i guess that's not as bad
[13:59] <jpobst> but lets try to do events properly
[13:59] <mario> sure, what do you recommend?
[14:00] <jpobst> look at how ListBox.DrawItem is done
[14:00] <jpobst> with the add/remove stuff
[14:00] <jpobst> that saves memory
[14:01] <mario> ok, I'll update the patches
[14:01] <mario> something else?
[14:01] <jpobst> for the ListBox ones, i would probably make a
CollectionChangedEventArgs class that has an enum of
Added/Removed/Cleared/Sorted and an index field
[14:01] <jpobst> then you can only have one event ChildrenChanged or something
[14:01] <jpobst> and pass in the data you need
[14:02] <mario> I thought the same, but right now, our classes are in another
module... I'm sure that when we move everything to mcs I can use that
[14:02] <jpobst> then you can make it a generic event thingy:
internal event EventHandler<CollectionChangedEventArgs> CollectionChanged
[14:03] <jpobst> you can put the eventargs and enum in MWF
[14:04] <mario> ok
[14:05] <jpobst> or maybe you could use
[14:05] <mario> let me see
[14:05] <jpobst> it has Add/Remove/Refresh
[14:05] <jpobst> dunno if you can make Refresh be Cleared/Sorted
[14:05] <mario> oh great
[14:05] <mario> good catch
[14:12] <jpobst> mario: also, go ahead and make a OnCollectionChanged or
whatever method like (most) other events have please  :)

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