[Mono-bugs] [Bug 415581] IndexOutOfRangeException in Icon. ToBitmap if IconDirEnties were skipped

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Thu Aug 7 15:36:24 EDT 2008


User gert.driesen at pandora.be added comment

--- Comment #2 from Gert Driesen <gert.driesen at pandora.be>  2008-08-07 13:36:24 MDT ---
I have a patch locally which fixes this issue, and removes wasted slots in the
idEntries array (as the fix depends on this).

For now, I create a new array with one slot less than the current size if an
entry is skipped:

// 256x256 icons are decoded as 0x0 (width and height are encoded as BYTE)
// and we ignore them just like MS does (at least up to fx 2.0)
if ((ide.width == 0) && (ide.height == 0)) {
        // create new array with one slot less
        IconDirEntry [] tmpEntries = new IconDirEntry [iconDir.idEntries.Length
- 1];
        // copy existing entries to new array
        Array.Copy (iconDir.idEntries, tmpEntries, p);
        // replace existing array
        iconDir.idEntries = tmpEntries;

Should I use this, or use an arraylist and copy it to the idEntries array after
iterating over the entries?

Sebastien: if you don't have time to answer this today, I'll just post my
current patch for review tomorrow.

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