[Mono-bugs] [Bug 381151] DataAdapter returns 0 rows after an SQL timeout occured

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Thu Apr 24 23:19:56 EDT 2008


User mark at dawebber.com added comment

--- Comment #16 from Mark Gimelfarb <mark at dawebber.com>  2008-04-24 21:19:56 MST ---
Yes, I still the same indefinite wait despite the 5 seconds CommandTimeout
setting.  If you wait more than CommandTimeout from what I understand (and the
way MS.NET works), you should be getting TdsTimeoutException, bubbling up as
SqlException: Timeout Exception. I agree with Gert--from the looks of it, the
SqlConnection is hosed at that time (at least on the physical level, and the
Connection Pool is not aware of it).

I don't understand while we are not getting the same results between mine and
your test. What version/SP level of SQL server are you testing against?

Would you like an SSH session into my box? We can probably arrange that.

What else can I provide to help troubleshoot this better--any sort of traces,
maybe? I usually ran my test with tracing turned on for System.Data.SqlClient,
as you can see above.

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