[Mono-bugs] [Bug 381922] System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException

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User mvl at oseb.be added comment

--- Comment #9 from Marc Van Laer <mvl at oseb.be>  2008-04-23 09:00:15 MST ---
If I agree with statement 1?

Yes and no.

- It does not solve my problem since the thing I need is basically inside .net
/ mono.
- Mono and .Net should be identical for the same version.

- Breaking mono towards previous releases? I do not know. I would say I would
prefer not, but .... if it solves my problem. (and not only mine since this is
a basic class)

- The class we are talking about is a basic .net class I am using not just a
class I created, which I have the possibilities to just fool around.

- I you guys can give me a suitable workaround, I can live with it, but final
the library needs to do what it supposed to do.

- If it is not possible to redirect remoting, then the whole purpose of
remoting is worthless.

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