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--- Comment #4 from Marc Van Laer <mvl at oseb.be>  2008-04-22 08:42:31 MST ---
I am not sure that I agree with your comment on this one:

We did some further investigation and it seems that the program will also not
run if both the server and the client are on the same mono platform. The same
platform and version should work no?

We narrowed the application and found the following:

- The following  class is causing the error

      public class ReachabilityData
            string redirectorUrl;   
            Guid slot;

            public static ReachabilityData Load(IChannelDataStore store)
            string url = store["ReachabilityData_RedirectorUrl"] as string;
                  if(url==null)return null;
                  return new ReachabilityData(url, new
Guid(store["ReachabilityData_Slot"] as string));

            public void Save(IChannelDataStore store)
            store["ReachabilityData_RedirectorUrl"] = this.redirectorUrl;
            store["ReachabilityData_Slot"] = this.slot.ToString();

            public ReachabilityData(string redirectorUrl, Guid slot)

            public Guid Slot{get {return slot;}}

            public void RedirectMessage(bool oneway, ITransportHeaders headers, 
                  byte[] requestStream, out ITransportHeaders responseHeaders,
out byte[] responseStream)
                  Redirector r =
Activator.GetObject(typeof(Reachability.Redirector), redirectorUrl) as
                  r.RedirectRequest(slot, oneway, headers, requestStream, out
responseHeaders, out responseStream);

The following image is giving what is send on the one side:
On this side the Save(..) method is called

See Image 1 as attachment

The following image is giving what is received on the other side:
On this side the Load(..) method is called

See Image 2 as attachment

Take a special look at the _extraData.

Is it possible that System.Collections.DictionaryEntry is not yet serialized in
Or is System.Runtime.remoting.Channels.ChannelDataStore different on mono then
on .Net?

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