[Mono-bugs] [Bug 360429] DateTimeFormatInfo serialization is incompatible with .NET 2.0

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--- Comment #3 from Adrian Gallero <agallero at netscape.net>  2008-04-18 06:09:54 MST ---
I can't confirm it since sadly I don't have any no-sp1 machine available right
now, but I imagine it does break going from sp1->noSp1. 

That is, a winforms app compiled with sp1 will not run in a machine without it.
But, a winforms app compiled without sp1 will run in a sp1 machine, as is

A small table resuming how I think this works:

Compiling Machine   ->  User Machine  
net no-sp1         ->  .net no-sp1  OK
net no-sp1         ->  .net sp1     OK
net no-sp1         ->  mono         OK

net sp1            ->  .net no-sp1  BREAKS
net sp1            ->  .net sp1     OK
net sp1            ->  mono         BREAKS

About binary serialization, I can completely understand that it is not
supported, but this problem affects running apps without recompiling.

The problem that made me open this report was that most non-trivial winforms
applications I have here compiled with vs2005 do not run without recompiling in
mono because of this error. 

If it is intended to be that way, then I think we can close this report. I am
not sure if running without recompiling is an objective for the mono project,
and I am not so sure it is an important goal anyway. For my apps, I just
recompile them in mono and they work fine.

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