[Mono-bugs] [Bug 378728] WndProc(ref Message m) is not working the same on mono as on . Net

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If you add the following to the application:

  System.Byte[] lBytes = System.BitConverter.GetBytes(m.LParam.ToInt32());
  Console.WriteLine("Message.LParam lBytes[2]: " + lBytes[2].ToString());
  Console.WriteLine("Message.LParam lBytes[3]: " + lBytes[3].ToString());

You will notice that lBytes[2] is an unique code for every key on the keyboard.

e.g. The 1/End on your num. Keypad has the same code regardless the num lock is

This means that every key on the keyboard can be used for applications like
terminal emulations regardless of the .Net definition.

A Key press is always keydown, keypress, keyup (all can be read uniquely)

The lBytes[3] is a kind of flag that can be read for finding out shift, ctrl is

Also the repeat count of a key can be called out of the LParam.

I have created some workarounds in my application to make it kind of work, but
it would be nice to have the full LParam.

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