[Mono-bugs] [Bug 378470] mono crashed when executing ExecuteOracleNonQuery on linux, oracle 9 server, oracle 11 client

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Thu Apr 10 04:57:28 EDT 2008


User antonello.moro at elsagdatamat.com added comment

--- Comment #3 from Antonello Moro <antonello.moro at elsagdatamat.com>  2008-04-10 02:57:27 MST ---
Sorry, I didn't know exactly in what mono module the bug was, I supposed it was
in the run time, but I think that you are right, the bug should be in the Mono:
Class Libraries.
By the way, I have to make a correction and an addenda to my post.
The correction is, the oracle client i'm using is 10.2.
The addenda is related to the fact that the problem seems to be present with
oracle 10g as well. With Oracle 9i the problem is systematic, with oracle 10g
it happens often but not always.

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