[Mono-bugs] [Bug 368178] [PATCH]ilasm to emit variable names in mdb file

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Wed Apr 9 11:10:18 EDT 2008


User erven.rohou at st.com added comment

--- Comment #7 from Erven Rohou <erven.rohou at st.com>  2008-04-09 09:10:17 MST ---
Hi Martin,

> The signature is no longer written into the symbol file.  It wasn't actually
> used in the old symbol file, so it was just bloated the file size.

This is the part I do not seem to understand.

I agree that the signature was not written. Actually the local variables were
not emitted at all (the call to DefineMethod in DebuggingInfo.cs was passed
null). The whole point of my patch was to emit those local variables in the
mdb file, so that the debugger can print their values. But for that, I need
the signature.

Does this make sense? Am I missing something?


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