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--- Comment #1 from Robert Jordan <robertj at gmx.net>  2007-09-23 11:32:57 MST ---
I can exactly reproduce Dick's observations on x86_64 and Win32.

The bug is triggered by this patch:



The failure is really strange, because there are no remoting calls
of generic methods in the whole corlib tests.

I changed the patch to be more readable/debugable and even commented
out the generic param check (see attachment), but the unit test is
still failing.

It stops failing if I replace all "create_remoting_trampoline_with_check ()"
calls with "arch_create_remoting_trampoline ()", which basically
means that this simple wrapper is failing:

static gpointer
create_remoting_trampoline_with_check (MonoMethod *method, MonoRemotingTarget
        return arch_create_remoting_trampoline (method, target_type);

Anyone an idea what this means?

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