[Mono-bugs] [Bug 327039] MeasureString behaves differently on win and linux

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--- Comment #1 from Sebastien Pouliot <spouliot at novell.com>  2007-09-21 08:58:20 MST ---
First thanks for filling the bug. Now IIRC you talked (on the mailing-list)
about a large difference while this test case has a rather small difference
(1-3 pixels) in fact smaller than the difference between the two API calls used
on Windows.

Do you have another test case showing a larger diff ?

FWIW libgdiplus won't *ever* give the same results as MS GDI+. The point of the
functions are to report how much screen space the renderer requires to draw the
string. That may be different between Window and Linux because of:

- different displays (e.g. dpi affect calculation. I have 2 identical LCD
panels and their DPI are reported differently by Windows and Linux);

- different font versions (you may not be using the exact same Arial revision
on both systems);

- different renderer code (e.g. supports for hinting);

- different API assumptions (e.g. MS reports different values for
Graphics.MeasureString and TextRenderer.MeasureText)

and, of course, 

- bugs :) this is where the values returned doesn't match the text we draw

[but, hopefully, that last one will get better with time]

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