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--- Comment #1 from Robert Jordan <robertj at gmx.net>  2007-09-20 16:46:37 MST ---
Here's what I got from a CWL trace:

1. TemplateControlCompiler.AssignPropertyFromResources:
   inputFile:  c:\tmp\xsp5\web\Default.aspx

2. TemplateControlCompiler.AssignPropertyFromResources:
   inputFile:  \Default.aspx

   that's after:

   if (StrUtils.StartsWith (inputFile, physPath))
        inputFile = parser.InputFile.Substring (physPath.Length - 1);

3. HttpContext.GetLocalResourceObject

   virtualPath: \Default.aspx
   path: \

It looks loke the physical path to virtual path mapping is broken in

The fix is a simple as flipping the path separators, but I guess there
are some helper method inside Sys.Web that could map better between
phys and virt paths.

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