[Mono-bugs] [Bug 338242] generated class files declare possibly conflicting protected members

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Wed Oct 31 19:21:46 EDT 2007


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--- Comment #9 from Marek Habersack <mhabersack at novell.com>  2007-10-31 17:21:44 MST ---
    The problem isn't in the generated class including the ApplicationInstance
    property, the problem lies in gmcs. I'm reassigning the bug to the compiler
    attaching a test case that shows the bug. The attached code compiles fine
    ms.net, fails with the following error on mono:

    > gmcs -pkg:dotnet -target:library t.cs 
    t.cs(17,42): error CS0507: `ChildClass.ApplicationInstance.get': cannot
    access modifiers when overriding `internal' inherited member
    t.cs(10,5): (Location of the symbol related to previous error)
    t.cs(17,42): warning CS0108: `ChildClass.ApplicationInstance' hides
    member `Test.ApplicationInstance'. Use the new keyword if hiding was
    t.cs(10,5): (Location of the symbol related to previous warning)
    Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 1 warnings

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