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--- Comment #19 from Robert Jordan <robertj at gmx.net>  2007-10-23 16:07:20 MST ---
Mirko's configuration issue ("mod_mono and xsp have different versions")
was discussed and solved on IRC. It was the same mistake like in bug #335583.

The issues described by Frederic used to be runtime deadlocks in the past.
Unfortunately, the backtraces are almost useless.

Frederic, would you please check with "file /usr/bin/mono" whether the
binary is stripped? If it's not stripped, please try to reproduce the error
with XSP and get a nice backtrace from GDB.

1) create ~/.gdbinit with the following content:

   handle SIGXCPU SIG33 SIG35 SIGPWR nostop noprint

2) start xsp with the appropriate arguments for you ASP.NET app

3) get its PID from ps

4) start gdb:

   gdb /usr/bin/mono <the-pid-from-step-3>

5) try to exercise the crash

6) when XSP crashed, you'll get a prompt in GDB. At the prompt
   you type:

   t a a bt

More about native debugging:

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