[Mono-bugs] [Bug 325397] DbTransaction: Rollback is wrongly invoked in Dispose (bool)

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Thu Oct 18 19:23:28 EDT 2007


--- Comment #7 from Georgi Miles <emarkp at hotmail.com>  2007-10-18 17:23:27 MST ---
Ah, didn't realize mine was a dup.  I did do some searches but didn't see this
(maybe I mispelt Transaction or something :/).

I wanted to add the the "repro" in my bug report throws the exception every
time.  Sounds like what Gert did but with MySQL instead of SQL Server.

Gert, sounds like you have it all under control but I figured I'd add this
comment because you said "this worked fine" so incase you need a quick
reproduction of the problem that doesn't work fine it's attatched to my bug
report (335026)


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