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--- Comment #8 from Andy Hume <andyhume32 at yahoo.co.uk>  2007-10-18 08:12:51 MST ---
I have no problems with 'international' characters in my applications on Mono. 
See the screenshots I attach which show Latin-1 characters working on Mono on
Suse and Windows, and Chinese characters on Mono Windows, but don't display on
my Mono Suse likely due to lack of native fonts.  This is using a sample
application from *my* OBEX library[1]. :-)  I also see the same behaviour when
using FolderBrowseDialog including adding new folders.

String constants are always stored in a .NET assembly in Unicode form.  However
the compiler has to read the source file correctly.  For instance if the
text-editor has saved the file as Latin-1 and the compiler reads it as UTF-8 it
will be confused, or if the latter two characters will be written for the one
UTF-8 encoded character.

To remove the compiling from the troubleshooting, try your test with the
literal e-acute replaced with \u00E9.  Also print the string to console, and
even dump the hex value of each char.

Jonathon, see e.g.
for Windows and Mac.  For Latin on Windows I use AltGr+2,o to get ö (o+umlaut)
 AltGr applies on Linux too, but I don't know what the mappings are.  Both
systems have a 'charmap' app.

[1] Brecham.Obex from http://32feet.NET  It works well on Mono.  32feet.NET
doesn't yet http://lists.ximian.com/pipermail/mono-list/2007-August/035851.html

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