[Mono-bugs] [Bug 334409] latin chr doesn't work in a winform textbox

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Wed Oct 17 04:21:23 EDT 2007


--- Comment #5 from Eric Petit <surfzoid2002 at yahoo.fr>  2007-10-17 02:21:22 MST ---
Two point:
First i have tryed the compiler page option, but just in case i have a look
tonight, because i switc very often between monodevelop and windows under
virtualbox and MS VS erase lot of "imcompatible" parametre, also in first time
i use the binarie compiled from windows and have the latin chr problem,
i reopen MS solution with monodevelop, and run it, idem.

Second : I'm french so we have somme acentued char, for example in my actual
sofware developement, i communicate with a mobile phone, it have a dir
"Mémoire du téléphone", if i use UTF8, the dir name become "Mmoire du

A last point who afraid me, you speak about compilation problem, if i compil in
UTF8 my binarie is UTF8 string only, or in ISO-8859-1 my binarie is only
ISO-88... string, so i 'm writing programS only validate for my computer and

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