[Mono-bugs] [Bug 325082] RichTextBox: AppendText throws OOM Exception

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Mon Oct 15 18:06:07 EDT 2007


Jonathan Pobst <jpobst at novell.com> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Jonathan Pobst <jpobst at novell.com>  2007-10-15 16:06:07 MST ---
Made a whole lot better in r87537.  Instead of OOM, the test now takes 4.3
seconds on my machine.  .Net takes .6 seconds, so we still have plenty of room
to improve, but this is much much better now.

2007-10-15  Jonathan Pobst  <monkey at jpobst.com>

        * TextControl.cs: When SuspendRecalc is first called, reset the
        to MaxValue and recalc_end to MinValue.  Currently, recalc_start is
always 1,
        so we always recalculate the whole document instead of just the new
        [Fixes bug #325082]

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