[Mono-bugs] [Bug 333723] System.Net.NetworkInformation. Ping work only in asynchrone mode

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Mon Oct 15 12:56:21 EDT 2007


--- Comment #8 from Eric Petit <surfzoid2002 at yahoo.fr>  2007-10-15 10:56:20 MST ---
Atsushi Enomoto dick is another guy, or yu made a miss tape ?
Also, it's sur, i'm confuse and newbie, but on my distro when i open a shell
console as normal user (me Eric) the /usr/bin/ping command work, is i made a
"su" to be root the /usr/bin/ping command work too, so is there a wat to have
"ICMP" Socket working in the same way ? a ping is really a security problem and
should only work with root privileges?

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