[Mono-bugs] [Bug 333813] New: MonoCurses does not seem to work

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Mon Oct 15 06:18:17 EDT 2007


           Summary: MonoCurses does not seem to work
           Product: Mono: Class Libraries
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: x86-64
        OS/Version: Ubuntu
            Status: NEW
          Severity: Normal
          Priority: P5 - None
         Component: Mono.POSIX
        AssignedTo: miguel at novell.com
        ReportedBy: directhex at hotmail.com
         QAContact: mono-bugs at ximian.com
          Found By: Customer

Using the trivial example from the mono-project.com site does not work -
instead, it throws a NullReferenceException and leaves the terminal in a broken

Steps to reproduce:
1) Compile and run this sample program:
using System;
using Mono;
using Mono.Terminal;

class Demo
        static void Main ()
                Dialog d = new Dialog (40, 8, "Hello"); 
                d.Add (new Label (0, 0, "Hello World"));
                Application.Run (d);

Actual results:
Broken terminal containing:
Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: A null value was found
where an object instance was required.
   at Mono.Terminal.Widget.BaseMove (Int32 line, Int32 col) [0x00000] 
   at Mono.Terminal.Widget.Clear () [0x00000] 
   at Mono.Terminal.Dialog.Redraw () [0x00000] 
   at Mono.Terminal.Application.Redraw (Mono.Terminal.Container container)
   at Mono.Terminal.Application.Run (Mono.Terminal.Container container)
   at Demo.Main () [0x00000]

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