[Mono-bugs] [Bug 333723] System.Net.NetworkInformation. Ping work only in asynchrone mode

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Mon Oct 15 03:26:37 EDT 2007


--- Comment #5 from Eric Petit <surfzoid2002 at yahoo.fr>  2007-10-15 01:26:36 MST ---
My distro is MDV 2008 cooker, later day i try at office on MDV 2007.1, of
course all my sucessful test are with root privilége (as yu can see in the
debug output, there isn't acces denied), also with normal user i can do a ping
"myhost" without any proplem, so i had a look at mono source code about the
ping function and see a simple socket is use, so the socket class in mono is
only useable with root privilége ?, i understand on some distro the
/usr/bin/ping program is only for root (not really understand why, but by the
way) but with a "hard coded" and personal ping as in the mono source code, why
it could have a right problem, we use socket to simply browse the internet !

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