[Mono-bugs] [Bug 325434] MDI Form: Win32 when maximized adding new child causes unmaximize inconsistency

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Thu Oct 11 00:18:16 EDT 2007


--- Comment #3 from Everaldo Canuto <ecanuto at novell.com>  2007-10-10 22:18:16 MST ---
In svn r87309 I just call ArrangeIconicWindows() every time we call LayoutMdi
instead of call for every case. It simplify the code.

2007-10-09  Everaldo Canuto  <ecanuto at novell.com>

       * MdiClient.cs: Always call ArrangeIconicWindows before any arrangement
       remove special treatment for ArrangeIcons since it is already arranged.

I am working on rest of patch.

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