[Mono-bugs] [Bug 332163] Unloading AppDomain times out, then no more AppDomains ever unload

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Tue Oct 9 16:07:22 EDT 2007


--- Comment #4 from Tim Howard <timh at ict.om.org>  2007-10-09 14:07:22 MST ---
Thank you for your repsonse. We will check our setup with mono from svn,
hopefully tomorrow.

In meantime there seem to be two major differences with MS.NET here:

1) In MS.NET, the same code blocks in the Finalizer until it finishes. So 2nd
app domain isn't created until the previous one's unload finalised.

2) MS.NET doesn't have this 10 second timeout. It doesn't seem to have ANY
timeout!  A test program which starts an infinate loop in the finalizer (so the
finalizer will never complete) has now been running for several hours on

The same program run with mono times out after 10 seconds!

Is it possible to remove this 10 second timeout, or at least make it
configurable? We would rather have one app domain stuck than every app domain
unable to unload.

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