[Mono-bugs] [Bug 325478] Problem compiling IronPython 2.0 Alpha 4

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Thu Oct 4 23:10:33 EDT 2007


--- Comment #6 from Sanghyeon Seo <sanxiyn at gmail.com>  2007-10-04 21:10:32 MST ---
I got this to compile. (Still doesn't run.) Bug is apparently related to
partial classes.

Changes I made to compile are here:

The error message shows that gmcs didn't find DynamicTypeBuilder in
PythonOps.cs. DynamicTypeBuilder is in the namespace Microsoft.Scripting.Types.
PythonOps is a partial class and some parts are in PythonOps.Generated.cs. Just
to see what happens, I added "using Microsoft.Scripting.Types" at the top of
PythonOps.Generated.cs, and it compiled!

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