[Mono-bugs] [Bug 330423] [2.0] Page validators are not being executed under some circumstances

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Wed Oct 3 13:30:46 EDT 2007


--- Comment #2 from Juraj Skripsky <juraj at hotfeet.ch>  2007-10-03 11:30:45 MST ---
The problem was, that the ValidationGroup implementation was only halfway done.

I'm attaching a patch which makes the test case works for me. But I haven't
tested it with any pages containing ValidationGroups...

What the patch does:
- get rid of _validatorsByGroup (it was never populated)
- GetValidators() now builds the requested validator collection on-the-fly
(validators can be added to/removed from _validators anytime, so this must be
done on-the-fly)
- use GetValidators() in Validate (string validationGroup)

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