[Mono-bugs] [Bug 345172] New: "show sources X" does not work except for mono runtime

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Fri Nov 30 08:15:06 EST 2007


           Summary: "show sources X" does not work except for mono runtime
           Product: Mono: Debugger
           Version: SVN
          Platform: i686
        OS/Version: Kubuntu
            Status: NEW
          Severity: Normal
          Priority: P5 - None
         Component: cli
        AssignedTo: martin at novell.com
        ReportedBy: krapfenbauer at ict.tuwien.ac.at
         QAContact: mono-bugs at ximian.com
          Found By: ---

(Referencing SVN revision 90467)

The command "show sources [module ID]" does not work correctly.

Steps I do:

hkrapfenbauer at pc81-11:~/mono-test$ mdb Test.exe
Mono Debugger
(mdb) start
Starting program: Test.exe
Thread @1 stopped at #0: 0xb775c24a in Krapfenbauer.TestClass.Main()+0x1a at
  24                    int a = 5;
(mdb) show modules
  Id  Group    load? step?  sym? Name
  19  corlib      y     y     y  mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral,
  21  managed     y     y     y  TestDLL, Version=, Culture=neutral,
   6  runtime     y     n     y  /home/hkrapfenbauer/mono_bin/bin/mono
  20  managed     y     y     y  Test, Version=, Culture=neutral,

[With "show sources" followed by these module IDs, I should be able to see the
sources, right?]

(mdb) show sources 19
ERROR: No such module 19.
(mdb) show sources 21
ERROR: No such module 21.
(mdb) show sources 6
Sources for module /home/hkrapfenbauer/mono_bin/bin/mono:
   9  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/mono/mini/wapihandles.c
  33  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/mono/metadata/profiler.c
  56  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/mono/io-layer/critical-sections.c
 125  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/mono/mini/mini-codegen.c
  61  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/mono/io-layer/io-portability.c
  81  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/mono/utils/mono-dl.c
   3  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/mono/mini/main.c
  89  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/mono/utils/mono-poll.c
  50  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/mono/metadata/rawbuffer.c
  95  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/libgc/headers.c


  83  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/mono/utils/mono-io-portability.c
  54  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/mono/metadata/debug-helpers.c
  73  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/mono/io-layer/versioninfo.c
  21  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/mono/metadata/gc.c
  12  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/mono/mini/exceptions-x86.c
 128  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/mono/metadata/reflection.c
  29  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/mono/metadata/exception.c
  60  /home/hkrapfenbauer/vimem/mono_svn/mono/mono/io-layer/io.c
(mdb) show sources 20
ERROR: No such module 20.

So, this works only for the mono executable, but should work for all of them.

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