[Mono-bugs] [Bug 341561] Mono.WebServer.ApplicationServer ' s Stop method generates exception on Windows.

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Wed Nov 21 17:26:10 EST 2007


--- Comment #13 from Gert Driesen <gert.driesen at pandora.be>  2007-11-21 15:26:10 MST ---
A few questions left:

1) You said you were using starting the ApplicationServer as a background
thread. However, in the sources you attached you're not doing this.

2) In the sources you attached, is it necessary to have a Console.WriteLine and
Console.ReadLine to reproduce the issue or can you also reproduce it if you
replace these with a short sleep period (eg. System.Threading.Thread.Sleep

3) Do you actually need to invoke a HTTP request on the started server to
reproduce the issue, or do you also get the exception when just starting and
stopping it?

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