[Mono-bugs] [Bug 342890] [Regression] Delete MP3 or Ogg files causes Banshee to crash

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Wed Nov 21 11:08:35 EST 2007


--- Comment #4 from Marc Christensen <mchristensen at novell.com>  2007-11-21 09:08:35 MST ---
Yes Robert, this is true.

The tests are done with applications which ship in the product.  We have
several XEN VMs which are identical except for the version of Mono which we are

Atsushi, I thought you were familiar with our testing procedures.  Apparently

In my case, I have three identical OpenSuse 10.3 x86_64 machines, all running
stock software.  When a bug is found in the preview, the same application is
then tested on a VM with the shipping Mono to see if the bug is a regression.

In this case, the behavior of the same Banshee binary changed between shipping
and the current Preview (1.2.6p2).

This is certainly a regression.  The only thing which has changed between the
two systems is Mono.  However, if it is a bug in Banshee, then the recent
changes in Mono have exposed it which is fine, either way something should be
fixed.  We can reassign this bug to the owner of Banshee if necessary.

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