[Mono-bugs] [Bug 342606] Application.StartupPath and Application.ExecutablePath

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Tue Nov 20 04:25:15 EST 2007


--- Comment #6 from Eric Petit <surfzoid2002 at yahoo.fr>  2007-11-20 02:25:15 MST ---
I just try do to wath i describ on the server at our ofice, and the problem is
the same i see in the MD console /usr/bin/dll/test.sh, but if i run directly
the produced exe with " mono
/root/tmp/BtStressDebug/BtStressDebug/bin/Debug/BtStressDebug.exe "
I see in the console :

I don't really know if there a relation but i use a background worker, so
perhap's one of the both threat is separate of MD ?

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