[Mono-bugs] [Bug 341561] Mono.WebServer.ApplicationServer ' s Stop method generates exception on Windows.

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Thu Nov 15 05:13:54 EST 2007


--- Comment #2 from Marek Habersack <mhabersack at novell.com>  2007-11-15 03:13:53 MST ---
Hello Ashok,
    Unfortunately, I can't tell what the problem is - I can only suspect the
exception is thrown with the access to the webSource object inside the Stop
method, which in turn might mean that the race condition happens because Stop
is called in a thread which still exists after the main XSP/mod_mono_server
thread exits (the WebSource passed eventually to the ApplicationServer is
created inside the Main method and assigned to a local variable). If this can
be confirmed, it would probably mean that there is a problem with the runtime.
I will check that and follow up as soon as I have some information to share.

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