[Mono-bugs] [Bug 322839] [PATCH] Unix: Incorrect RegistryKey.SetValue() Serialization

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Tue Nov 6 03:06:45 EST 2007


--- Comment #4 from Atsushi Enomoto <atsushi at ximian.com>  2007-11-06 01:06:45 MST ---
Hmm, looks like I did not really have a correct fix. Actually, I doubt the
patch was correct. If SecurityElement.Text is to accept only already-escaped,
our tests like SecurityElementTest.Text() that tries to set "Miguel&Sebastien"
should cause an error. But it does not cause an error (on .NET). I rather read
the documentation as invalid XML characters need to be converted in some ways
like XmlConvert.EncodeName() (not for name char but for valid XML char though).

Anyways, now the fix won't come very soon.

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