[Mono-bugs] [Bug 81606][Nor] Changed - [ARM] StreamWriter fails for arm processors

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Tue Jul 24 11:48:56 EDT 2007

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Changed by everaldo at simios.org.


--- shadow/81606	2007-05-12 19:24:19.000000000 -0400
+++ shadow/81606.tmp.13211	2007-07-24 11:48:56.000000000 -0400
@@ -58,6 +58,234 @@
 ------- Additional Comments From michaldominik at gmail.com  2007-05-12 19:24 -------
 Could it be there is a general problem with pinvoking with 64bit vars?
 Double it 64bit too.
+------- Additional Comments From everaldo at simios.org  2007-07-24 11:48 -------
+This is last stacktrace using mono from svn on nokia:
+Nokia-N800-48:~# mono test.exe 
+mono[1220]: GLIB ERROR ** default - file mini-codegen.c: line 771
+(assign_reg): assertion failed: (! is_global_ireg (hreg))
+  at System.IO.FileStream..ctor
+Segmentation fault
+Nokia-N800-48:~# mono -v test.exe 
+Method (wrapper runtime-invoke)
+(object,intptr,intptr,intptr) emitted at 0x405c66c0 to 0x405c67c8
+(code length 264) [test.exe]
+Method System.OutOfMemoryException:.ctor (string) emitted at
+0x405c67d0 to 0x405c6810 (code length 64) [test.exe]
+Method System.SystemException:.ctor (string) emitted at 0x405c6858 to
+0x405c689c (code length 68) [test.exe]
+Method System.Exception:.ctor (string) emitted at 0x405c68c0 to
+0x405c6900 (code length 64) [test.exe]
+Method System.Exception:set_HResult (int) emitted at 0x405c6908 to
+0x405c6934 (code length 44) [test.exe]
+Method System.NullReferenceException:.ctor (string) emitted at
+0x405c6938 to 0x405c6978 (code length 64) [test.exe]
+Method System.StackOverflowException:.ctor (string) emitted at
+0x405c6980 to 0x405c69ac (code length 44) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper runtime-invoke) FileIOTest:runtime_invoke_void
+(object,intptr,intptr,intptr) emitted at 0x405c6f10 to 0x405c700c
+(code length 252) [test.exe]
+Method FileIOTest:Main () emitted at 0x405c7010 to 0x405c7078 (code
+length 104) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.File:CreateText (string) emitted at 0x405c7780 to
+0x405c77cc (code length 76) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper managed-to-native)
+System.Object:__icall_wrapper_mono_object_new_specific (intptr)
+emitted at 0x405c7810 to 0x405c78a0 (code length 144) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check)
+System.IO.StreamWriter:.ctor (string,bool) emitted at 0x405c78a8 to
+0x405c7920 (code length 120) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper runtime-invoke)
+(object,intptr,intptr,intptr) emitted at 0x405c7968 to 0x405c7a64
+(code length 252) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.Stream:.cctor () emitted at 0x405c7d28 to 0x405c7d74
+(code length 76) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) System.IO.NullStream:.ctor
+() emitted at 0x405c7d98 to 0x405c7df0 (code length 88) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.NullStream:.ctor () emitted at 0x405c7e38 to
+0x405c7e5c (code length 36) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.Stream:.ctor () emitted at 0x405c7e80 to 0x405c7ea4
+(code length 36) [test.exe]
+Method System.MarshalByRefObject:.ctor () emitted at 0x405c7ec8 to
+0x405c7ee4 (code length 28) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.StreamWriter:.cctor () emitted at 0x405c7ee8 to
+0x405c7f58 (code length 112) [test.exe]
+Method System.Text.Encoding:.cctor () emitted at 0x405c8340 to
+0x405c8830 (code length 1264) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper managed-to-native)
+System.Object:__icall_wrapper_mono_array_new_specific (intptr,int)
+emitted at 0x405c8858 to 0x405c88f0 (code length 152) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper managed-to-native)
+System.Object:__icall_wrapper_mono_object_new_ptrfree_box (intptr)
+emitted at 0x405c88f8 to 0x405c8988 (code length 144) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper stelemref) System.Object:stelemref
+(object,intptr,object) emitted at 0x405c89d0 to 0x405c8ae4 (code
+length 276) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper managed-to-native)
+System.Object:__icall_wrapper_mono_object_new_ptrfree (intptr) emitted
+at 0x405c8b08 to 0x405c8b98 (code length 144) [test.exe]
+Method System.Text.Encoding:get_UTF8Unmarked () emitted at 0x405c8d60
+to 0x405c8e60 (code length 256) [test.exe]
+Method System.Threading.Monitor:Enter (object) emitted at 0x405c8f48
+to 0x405c8fb8 (code length 112) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper managed-to-native)
+System.Threading.Monitor:Monitor_try_enter (object,int) emitted at
+0x405c9000 to 0x405c90a0 (code length 160) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper managed-to-native)
+System.Object:__icall_wrapper_mono_object_new_fast (intptr) emitted at
+0x405c90a8 to 0x405c9138 (code length 144) [test.exe]
+Method System.Text.UTF8Encoding:.ctor (bool,bool) emitted at
+0x405c9140 to 0x405c91f4 (code length 180) [test.exe]
+Method System.Text.Encoding:.ctor (int) emitted at 0x405c9218 to
+0x405c9254 (code length 60) [test.exe]
+Method System.Threading.Monitor:Exit (object) emitted at 0x405c9258 to
+0x405c92c4 (code length 108) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper managed-to-native)
+System.Threading.Monitor:Monitor_exit (object) emitted at 0x405c92e8
+to 0x405c9374 (code length 140) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check)
+(System.IO.Stream,System.Text.Encoding,int) emitted at 0x405c9378 to
+0x405c93f4 (code length 124) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.StreamWriter:.ctor
+(System.IO.Stream,System.Text.Encoding,int) emitted at 0x405c9498 to
+0x405c9654 (code length 444) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.TextWriter:.ctor () emitted at 0x405c96d8 to
+0x405c9768 (code length 144) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.TextWriter:.cctor () emitted at 0x405c9850 to
+0x405c989c (code length 76) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) NullTextWriter:.ctor ()
+emitted at 0x405c98c0 to 0x405c9918 (code length 88) [test.exe]
+Method NullTextWriter:.ctor () emitted at 0x405c9960 to 0x405c9984
+(code length 36) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Environment:get_NewLine ()
+emitted at 0x405c9988 to 0x405c9a10 (code length 136) [test.exe]
+Method System.String:ToCharArray () emitted at 0x405c9a18 to
+0x405c9a48 (code length 48) [test.exe]
+Method System.String:.cctor () emitted at 0x405c9a70 to 0x405c9af0
+(code length 128) [test.exe]
+Method System.String:memcpy (byte*,byte*,int) emitted at 0x405c9b18 to
+0x405c9c30 (code length 280) [test.exe]
+Method System.String:memcpy4 (byte*,byte*,int) emitted at 0x405c9c98
+to 0x405c9d30 (code length 152) [test.exe]
+Method System.String:ToCharArray (int,int) emitted at 0x405c9d38 to
+0x405c9ebc (code length 388) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.String:InternalCopyTo
+(int,char[],int,int) emitted at 0x405c9f00 to 0x405c9fb4 (code length
+180) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.NullStream:get_CanWrite () emitted at 0x405c9fb8 to
+0x405c9fd8 (code length 32) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.StreamWriter:Initialize (System.Text.Encoding,int)
+emitted at 0x405c9fe0 to 0x405ca134 (code length 340) [test.exe]
+Method System.Math:Max (int,int) emitted at 0x405ca158 to 0x405ca194
+(code length 60) [test.exe]
+Method System.Text.UTF8Encoding:GetMaxByteCount (int) emitted at
+0x405ca198 to 0x405ca238 (code length 160) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.NullStream:get_CanSeek () emitted at 0x405ca260 to
+0x405ca280 (code length 32) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.NullStream:get_Position () emitted at 0x405ca288 to
+0x405ca2ac (code length 36) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.StreamWriter:.ctor (string,bool) emitted at
+0x405ca2b0 to 0x405ca300 (code length 80) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.StreamWriter:.ctor
+(string,bool,System.Text.Encoding,int) emitted at 0x405ca670 to
+0x405caa14 (code length 932) [test.exe]
+Method System.String:op_Equality (string,string) emitted at 0x405cab38
+to 0x405cab64 (code length 44) [test.exe]
+Method System.String:Equals (string,string) emitted at 0x405cab88 to
+0x405cacf4 (code length 364) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.Path:.cctor () emitted at 0x405caf98 to 0x405cb19c
+(code length 516) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper managed-to-native)
+System.IO.MonoIO:get_VolumeSeparatorChar () emitted at 0x405cb220 to
+0x405cb2b4 (code length 148) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.MonoIO:.cctor () emitted at 0x405cb338 to 0x405cb388
+(code length 80) [test.exe]
+Method System.IntPtr:op_Explicit (long) emitted at 0x405cb3b0 to
+0x405cb3ec (code length 60) [test.exe]
+Method System.IntPtr:.ctor (long) emitted at 0x405cb410 to 0x405cb4e4
+(code length 212) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper managed-to-native)
+System.IO.MonoIO:get_DirectorySeparatorChar () emitted at 0x405cb528
+to 0x405cb5bc (code length 148) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper managed-to-native)
+System.IO.MonoIO:get_AltDirectorySeparatorChar () emitted at
+0x405cb5c0 to 0x405cb654 (code length 148) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.IO.MonoIO:get_PathSeparator
+() emitted at 0x405cb658 to 0x405cb6ec (code length 148) [test.exe]
+Method System.Char:ToString () emitted at 0x405cb6f0 to 0x405cb71c
+(code length 44) [test.exe]
+Method System.Char:.cctor () emitted at 0x405cb740 to 0x405cb7b8 (code
+length 120) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Char:GetDataTablePointers
+(byte*&,byte*&,double*&,uint16*&,uint16*&,uint16*&,uint16*&) emitted
+at 0x405cb7e0 to 0x405cb8b4 (code length 212) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.String:.ctor (char,int)
+emitted at 0x405cb8b8 to 0x405cb958 (code length 160) [test.exe]
+Method System.String:IndexOfAny (char[]) emitted at 0x405cb960 to
+0x405cb9f0 (code length 144) [test.exe]
+Method System.String:InternalIndexOfAny (char[],int,int) emitted at
+0x405cba38 to 0x405cbc78 (code length 576) [test.exe]
+Method System.String:IndexOfImpl (char,int,int) emitted at 0x405cbca0
+to 0x405cbfd8 (code length 824) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.Path:GetDirectoryName (string) emitted at 0x405cbfe0
+to 0x405cc16c (code length 396) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.Path:GetPathRoot (string) emitted at 0x405cc250 to
+0x405cc378 (code length 296) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.Path:IsPathRooted (string) emitted at 0x405cc3c0 to
+0x405cc4ec (code length 300) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.CheckArgument:WhitespaceOnly (string) emitted at
+0x405cc4f0 to 0x405cc524 (code length 52) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.CheckArgument:WhitespaceOnly (string,string) emitted
+at 0x405cc548 to 0x405cc5cc (code length 132) [test.exe]
+Method System.String:Trim () emitted at 0x405cc5f0 to 0x405cc628 (code
+length 56) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.String:InternalTrim
+(char[],int) emitted at 0x405cc650 to 0x405cc6ec (code length 156)
+Method System.IO.CheckArgument:PathChars (string) emitted at
+0x405cc6f0 to 0x405cc724 (code length 52) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.CheckArgument:PathChars (string,string) emitted at
+0x405cc748 to 0x405cc7c4 (code length 124) [test.exe]
+Method System.String:LastIndexOfAny (char[]) emitted at 0x405cc7c8 to
+0x405cc848 (code length 128) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper managed-to-native)
+System.String:InternalLastIndexOfAny (char[],int,int) emitted at
+0x405cc870 to 0x405cc918 (code length 168) [test.exe]
+Method System.String:op_Inequality (string,string) emitted at
+0x405cc920 to 0x405cc960 (code length 64) [test.exe]
+Method (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) System.IO.FileStream:.ctor
+emitted at 0x405cc968 to 0x405cca10 (code length 168) [test.exe]
+Method System.IO.FileStream:.ctor
+emitted at 0x405cca58 to 0x405ccabc (code length 100) [test.exe]
+mono[1276]: GLIB ERROR ** default - file mini-codegen.c: line 771
+(assign_reg): assertion failed: (! is_global_ireg (hreg))
+  at System.IO.FileStream..ctor
+Method (wrapper runtime-invoke)
+(object,intptr,intptr,intptr) emitted at 0x405cce00 to 0x405ccf00
+(code length 256) [test.exe]
+Method System.NullReferenceException:.ctor () emitted at 0x405ccf08 to
+0x405ccf60 (code length 88) [test.exe]
+Method Locale:GetText (string) emitted at 0x405ccf68 to 0x405ccf88
+(code length 32) [test.exe]
+Segmentation fault

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