[Mono-bugs] [Bug 80642][Wis] Changed - gmcs.exe can't compile the same code it did in

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Mon Jan 29 15:02:08 EST 2007

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Changed by awaddell at fnfr.com.


--- shadow/80642	2007-01-29 14:50:08.000000000 -0500
+++ shadow/80642.tmp.14027	2007-01-29 15:02:08.000000000 -0500
@@ -38,6 +38,103 @@
 /out:mono\Debug\ffsvt.exe /target:exe @C:\svt\SvtClient\ffsvt\projrefs.txt
 @C:\svt\SvtClient\ffsvt\resources.txt  @C:\svt\SvtClient\ffsvt\compile.txt
     RsvtBrokerPartialStep.cs(30,51): error CS0246: The type or namespace
 name `DocumentDeserializationContext' could not be found. Are you missing a
 using directive or an assembly reference?
     Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warnings
+------- Additional Comments From awaddell at fnfr.com  2007-01-29 15:02 -------
+I have a tarball which can be used to re-create this bug.  It's about
+3.7M, because it has all of our assemblies (binary) and the code for
+the application I'm trying to build.  If you had it you could try the
+make and see the problem.  It looks like this log I have added below
+(notice that monop2 indicates that the class is present).  I was
+having trouble attaching such and large file, and decided to abort
+because I figured it might not be nice to stick such a large file in
+bugzilla.  If you would like the tarball, please let me know and we
+can arrange it.
+[awaddell at engreglinux ffsvt]$ make
+gmcs -target:exe -optimize- -noconfig   -warnaserror+
+-nowarn:1691,67,169,278 -out:ffsvt.exe -define:FIXME -define:MONO
+-define:HEADLESS -define:L
+INUX -define:TRACE -define:DEBUG   -reference:System
+-reference:System.Data -reference:System.Xml  -reference:Documents.dll
+dll -reference:Core.dll -reference:Snmp.dll  ConsoleOptions.cs
+Licensing/KeyEncryptor.cs Program.cs Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs
+RsvtBroker.cs RsvtB
+rokerPartialStep.cs RsvtBrokerPartialTestCase.cs RsvtWrapper.cs 
+RsvtBrokerPartialStep.cs(30,51): error CS0246: The type or namespace
+name `DocumentDeserializationContext' could not be found. Are you
+missing a u
+sing directive or an assembly reference?
+Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warnings
+make: *** [ffsvt.exe] Error 1
+[awaddell at engreglinux ffsvt]$ ls
+app.config         ffsvt.Content        liblsinit.so        lsdecode 
+        NetToolWorks.
+Snmp.dll  ReadMe                        RsvtWrapper.cs
+cctest.cmd         ffsvt.csproj         liblssrv.so        
+lsdecode.exe      PcapWrapperLib.dl
+l     resources.txt                 runfromdos.bat
+compile.txt        ffsvt.csproj.vspscc  libnonet.so        
+lsinit32.dll      Program.cs   
+          Routrek.Granados.dll          Snmp.dll
+ConsoleOptions.cs  ffSVTlib             Licensing           Makefile 
+        projrefs.txt 
+          RsvtBroker.cs                 typescript
+Core.dll           ffTrafficgen.dll     LinuxLicensingDlls  mono     
+        Properties   
+          RsvtBrokerPartialStep.cs      wtest.cmd
+Documents.dll      Foundation.dll       lsapiw32.dll       
+NetToolWorks.dll  pr.txt       
+          RsvtBrokerPartialTestCase.cs
+[awaddell at engreglinux ffsvt]$ monop2 -r:Foundation.dll |
+bash: DocumentDeserializationContext: command not found
+[awaddell at engreglinux ffsvt]$ monop2 -r:Foundation.dll |
+ep DocumentDeserializationContext
+[awaddell at engreglinux ffsvt]$ monop2 -r:Foundation.dll | grep Documen
+public class DocumentDeserializationContext {
+        public DocumentDeserializationContext ();
+        public void AddLogItem (DocumentDeserializationLogItem item);
+        public void AddLogItem (ItemType level, string message);
+        public bool CurrDocHasErrors ();
+        public bool CurrDocHasWarnings ();
+        public virtual bool Equals (object o);
+        public int ErrorCount (string key);
+        protected virtual void Finalize ();
+        public virtual int GetHashCode ();
+        public Type GetType ();
+        public int InfoCount (string key);
+        protected object MemberwiseClone ();
+        public void SetCurrentDocument (string currDoc);
+        public virtual string ToString ();
+        public int WarningCount (string key);
+        public bool CancelLoadOperation {
+                set;
+        }
+        public bool IsCancelled {
+                get;
+        }
+        public bool IsIncomplete {
+                get;
+                set;
+        }
+        public string LogSummary {
+                get;
+        }
+        public int TotalLogItemCount {
+                get;
+        }
+[awaddell at engreglinux ffsvt]$ exit
+Script done on Mon 29 Jan 2007 11:29:07 AM PST
+[awaddell at engreglinux ffsvt]$ 

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