[Mono-bugs] [Bug 325033] Threading: Timer ticks on wrong thread, when multiple threads running message-loops

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Win32 wise:

We call Win32SetTimer in XPlatUIWin32 and specify FosterParent as the window
pointer which will receive the timer message, however the microsoft
documentation says:

[in] Handle to the window to be associated with the timer. This window must be
owned by the calling thread. If a NULL value for hWnd is passed in along with
an nIDEvent of an existing timer, that timer will be replaced in the same way
that an existing non-NULL hWnd timer will be.

However the FosterParent isn't owned by the calling thread when we create a new
thread to create a new window..

In this case, when the HWnd is not owned by the calling thread, a timer message
still gets posted to the window, but the index is always 1, rather than being
the paramter passed to SetTimer.

This is the only reason I can find for this to be failing (perhaps Linux also
has a different problem caused by different threads?).

I don't know enough about XPlatUIWin32 and Win32 programming to suggest a
solution I would be happy with, but if someone pointed me in the right
direction I'll have a go..

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