[Mono-bugs] [Bug 324354] RichTextBox as does not display colors correctly

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User luke.a.page at gmail.com added comment

--- Comment #4 from Luke Page <luke.a.page at gmail.com>  2007-12-28 06:27:49 MST ---
The readonly issue not showing colours is easily fixed.

However the SelectionColor and other SelectionX properties do not work well at
all when there is nothing selected - They currently change the style of the
last block of text entered (when its not selected). They should create a new
style tag and then any additional text added should be put in the new tag, but
instead we always re-calculate which style tag to put new text in and end up
ignoring a previous SelectionX property change.

I'm working on this one, but it involves changing the text control to never
have to recalculate anything and instead just correctly keep a tab of where it

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