[Mono-bugs] [Bug 342890] [Regression] Delete MP3 or Ogg files causes Banshee to crash

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--- Comment #8 from Aaron Bockover <abockover at novell.com>  2007-12-04 16:59:09 MST ---
This is not a Mono bug. Actually, it appears to be a fix in Mono. In Banshee
there were two different methods with the same name, implemented at different
places in a class hierarchy. 

Calling Type.GetMethod (<name-in-question>) before returned a single match for
the method when in fact it should have returned an ambiguous match exception.
The exception now occurs (correctly) in 1.2.6.

However, now we are in a situation where upgrading Mono will break an
application, which is ugly and unfortunate, but at the same time there's not
much that can be done about it. It was a bug in Banshee that was not caught
(for over 2 years) because of a bug in Mono before 1.2.6.

I will be releasing a new Banshee with the fix in the next week. In the Mono
1.2.6 packaging it might be nice to conflict against banshee < 0.13.2 AND
helix-banshee < 0.13.2, since a user upgrading their Mono stack that does not
upgrade Banshee to 0.13.2 or better will find themselves with a broken Banshee.

Thanks for the QA guys, and rocking on the Mono! Just a few months ago this
probably never would have been caught and we would have found out about it way
too late :)

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