[Mono-bugs] [Bug 325299] new files are created with 0644 mode

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--- Comment #1 from Steve Tate <stephenrtate at gmail.com>  2007-12-02 19:15:13 MST ---
This is definitely a bug that needs to be fixed (and the note above about
changing the line to perms=0666 is exactly what's needed.

To understand why this is a problem in an application:  I've got an f-spot
shared directory, with pictures saved mode 0664 and owned by a group where
these are the people who can edit the pictures.  The problem is, when one user
crops a picture (for example) and creates a new version, the mono library puts
mode 644 on the new version, and now noone else in the group can edit the
image.  I'm sending in a patch to the f-spot list to use "chmod" on the created
file to get around this bug, but this is clearly incorrect behavior in the mono

umask is what's supposed to be determining the perms of a newly created file. 
The IO library shouldn't be trying to outguess that mode.

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