[Mono-bugs] RE: Bug# 75413

vinodhd at netscape.net vinodhd at netscape.net
Wed Oct 12 21:09:16 EDT 2005

commenting on the bug note attached to this bug:
FC1 is too old for MD?

What makes it so?
In some production environments OS versions cannot be changed to 
accomodate a new package. In fact some products would require a 
complete QA cycle because of this and saying FC1 is too old for MD 
doesn't quite solve the problem.

What new versions of what packages are needed to solve this bug?

I have SUSE 9.1 PRO and I have this problem as well, and I am not 
updating the entire OS just because mono develop has trouble running, 
seems like a illogical argument.

"Hey I bought a new floor mat for my car, pretty useful huh?"
"Sorry, go buy a new car, your car is too old for a new floor mat"

Just be a little more descriptive of the dignosis, you guys know the 
code, not us.
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