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Wed, 26 May 2004 18:51:13 -0400 (EDT)

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--- shadow/52107	2004-05-26 18:51:13.000000000 -0400
+++ shadow/52107.tmp.20528	2004-05-26 18:51:13.000000000 -0400
@@ -0,0 +1,262 @@
+Bug#: 52107
+Product: Mono: Runtime
+Version: unspecified
+OS: other
+OS Details: PowerPC
+Status: NEW   
+Severity: Unknown
+Priority: Normal
+Component: misc
+AssignedTo: lupus@ximian.com                            
+ReportedBy: piyush.garyali@honeywell.com               
+QAContact: mono-bugs@ximian.com
+TargetMilestone: ---
+Summary: PPC: System.Reflection fails when JITted
+Please fill in this template when reporting a bug, unless you know what 
+you are doing.
+[Description of Problem]
+The code (to be attached as a test case), fails on compilation 
+on PowerPC.
+[Steps to reproduce the problem]
+1. find attached testcase "reflectioninvoke.cs"
+[Actual Results]
+Access Voilation
+[Expected Results]
+Invoking the static method SayHello()
+Invoking the instance method AddUp()
+AddUp Called 1 times
+AddUp Called 2 times
+Invoking static method ComputeSum() with arguments/parameters
+100.09 + 184.45 = 284.54
+Invoking the field Name (Setting and Getting)
+Name contains initalName
+Name contains NewName
+Invoking the indexed property Item (Setting and Getting)
+Item[3] contains 3
+Item[3] contains NewValue after setting
+Getting the field Name and property Value
+Name contains NewName
+Value contains the value
+Invoking the method static method PrintName() with named arguments
+Invoking the method Swap() with ByRef parameters
+2, 1
+Invoking the default member of the TestClass2 type, PrintTime()
+12/12/2003 9:08:06 PM
+Hit <Enter> to exit
+[How often does this happen]
+[Additional Information]
+------- Additional Comments From piyush.garyali@honeywell.com  2003-12-12 10:43 -------
+Created an attachment (id=6214)
+testcase for reflection invoke failure on powerPC
+------- Additional Comments From lupus@ximian.com  2003-12-17 07:27 -------
+This works for me with current cvs (if you take out the readline that
+is the topic of another bug report).
+------- Additional Comments From lupus@ximian.com  2003-12-17 09:46 -------
+The readline bug is fixed in cvs, now.
+Forgot to mention that the date is printed incorrectly in this test case
+for me (though it works correctly in a standalone test, will investigate).
+------- Additional Comments From piyush.garyali@honeywell.com  2003-12-18 07:47 -------
+Well, I was not able to get the test case to work so I broke it down 
+into small pieces to get to the problem
+using System;
+using System.IO;
+using System.Reflection;
+public class Invoke
+	public static void Main()
+	{
+		Type t = typeof(TestClass);
+		t.InvokeMember("SayHello", BindingFlags.InvokeMethod, 
+null, null, new object[] {} );
+	}
+public class TestClass
+	public static void SayHello()
+	{
+		Console.WriteLine("Hello");
+	}
+After the code is compiled for System.ArgumentException..ctor, I get 
+an Access Voilation exception
+The assembly code generate is:
+mono_jit_compile_method() -> for System.ArgumentException..ctor
+?? (after the code is compiled)
+lwz       r8, 0xb0(sp)
+lwz       r9, 0xac(sp)
+lwz       r10, 0xa8(sp)
+lfd       f1, 0x48(sp)
+lfd       f2, 0x40(sp)
+lfd       f3, 0x38(sp)
+lfd       f4, 0x30(sp)
+lfd       f5, 0x28(sp)
+lfd       f6, 0x20(sp)
+lfd       f7, 0x18(sp)
+lfd       f8, 0x10(sp)
+lwz       sp, 0(sp)
+lwz       r31, -4(sp)
+lwz       r11, 4(sp)
+mtlr      r11
+mtctr     r0
+ \->	mflr      r0
+	stw       r0, 4(sp)
+	stw       r29, -4(sp)
+	stw       r30, -8(sp)
+	stwu      sp, -64(sp)
+	stw       r3, 0x24(sp)
+	stw       r4, 0x28(sp)
+	lwz       r3, 0x24(sp)
+	mr        r3, r3
+	lwz       r4, 0x28(sp)
+	mr        r4, r4
+	bl        0x77efe0
+	lwz       r0, 0x44(sp)
+	mtlr      r0
+	addic     sp, sp, 0x40
+	lwz       r29, -4(sp)
+	lwz       r30, -8(sp)
+	blr
+	 \->	lwz       r3, 0xbc(sp)
+		mr        r3, r3
+		bl        start (0x25c730)
+		lwz       r3, 0x1f8(sp)
+                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
+OS Exception -- Attempt to read protected memory
+		\-> 	lwz r0, 0(zero)	
+OS Exception -- Attempt to read protected memory
+The register contents are:
+pc	0x00000d00
+sp	0x01764a28
+r0	0x80000000
+r1	0x01764a28
+r2	0x0025f09c
+r3	0x00000033
+r4	0x00000000
+r5	0x00000000
+r6	0x00000000
+r7	0x00000000
+r8	0x00000000
+r9	0x00000000
+r10	0x00000000
+r11	0x00000000
+r12	0x00000000
+r13	0x00000003
+r14	0x01764e58
+r15	0x00002500
+r16	0x00000000
+r17	0x00000000
+r18	0x00000000
+r19	0x00000000
+r20	0x61670000
+r21	0x72452d00
+r22	0x00000000
+r23	0x00000000
+r24	0x008bdbb8
+r25	0x008bdbe0
+r26	0x00000001
+r27	0x00262d00
+r28	0x008bbc68
+r29	0x01764ae8
+r30	0x00000058
+r31	0x6d6f0001
+I am working on the 12/17/2003 cvs code.
+------- Additional Comments From lupus@ximian.com  2003-12-18 08:15 -------
+Make sure the last entry in the ChangeLog is:
+Wed Dec 17 15:31:41 CET 2003 Paolo Molaro <lupus@ximian.com>
+Just saying the 12/17 date doesn't tell me if you got the sources
+after or before the fixes went in (the fix for the likely issue you
+have is in version 1.12 of tramp-ppc.c).
+The error you report is consistent with the behaviout before the
+fixes: InvokeMember would throw an exception because it couldn't get
+correctly at all it's arguments and an argument check fails (hence the
+ArgumentException...). Since exception support is not yet implemented,
+the code fails later on.
+If you still get the error with current cvs, you may want to add some
+Console.WriteLine() in InvokeMember or debug which case makes it throw 
+ the argument exception.
+------- Additional Comments From piyush.garyali@honeywell.com  2003-12-19 15:38 -------
+The testcase works fine for me but surprisingly only when the "--
+trace=all" is set. If the --trace=all is not set I get a Data 
+Voilation exception pretty early when the following code from the 
+test case is executed:
+Console.WriteLine("Invoking the static method SayHello()");
+t.InvokeMember("SayHello", BindingFlags.InvokeMethod, null, null, new 
+object [] {});
+TestClass c = new TestClass();
+.. shall attach the "Assembly generated"
+However, when the code is run using --trace=all, there are a couple 
+of things which dont come as expected:
+*) Invoking static method ComputeSum() with arguments/parameters 
+results in:
+ 0 + 0 = 0
+instead of:
+ 100.09 + 184.45 = 284.54
+*) Invoking the default member of the TestClass2 type, PrintTime() 
+results in: 
+which fails for you as well.
+Rest all of the parts are working fine.
+------- Additional Comments From piyush.garyali@honeywell.com  2003-12-19 15:39 -------
+Created an attachment (id=6278)
+Assembly generated during the crash