[Mono-bugs] [Bug 55910][Nor] New - /usr/ccs/bin/ld does not like "monoldflags = -Wl,-version-script=$(srcdir)/ldscript"

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Mon, 22 Mar 2004 13:08:22 -0500 (EST)

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Changed by louis.p.santillan@jpl.nasa.gov.


--- shadow/55910	2004-03-22 13:08:21.000000000 -0500
+++ shadow/55910.tmp.3816	2004-03-22 13:08:21.000000000 -0500
@@ -0,0 +1,154 @@
+Bug#: 55910
+Product: Mono: Runtime
+Version: unspecified
+OS: Solaris [Other]
+OS Details: Solaris 9
+Status: NEW   
+Priority: Normal
+Component: misc
+AssignedTo: mono-bugs@ximian.com                            
+ReportedBy: Louis.P.Santillan@jpl.nasa.gov               
+QAContact: mono-bugs@ximian.com
+TargetMilestone: ---
+Summary: /usr/ccs/bin/ld does not like "monoldflags = -Wl,-version-script=$(srcdir)/ldscript"
+Please fill in this template when reporting a bug, unless you know what you
+are doing.
+Description of Problem:
+make will blow up when compiling mono/mini with the above line.  Setting
+monoldflags=-Wl "compiles fine" however.  Need to test binary now that
+complete went through.
+Steps to reproduce the problem:
+1. ./configure
+2. make
+Actual Results: /usr/ccs/bin/ld -G -h libmono.so.0 -o
+.libs/libmono.so.0.0.0  mini.lo trace.lo dominators.lo cfold.lo regalloc.lo
+inssel.lo helpers.lo liveness.lo ssa.lo driver.lo debug-mini.lo
+linear-scan.lo aot.lo graph.lo mini-sparc.lo exceptions-sparc.lo
+tramp-sparc.lo -z allextract ../../mono/metadata/.libs/libmonoruntime.al
+../../mono/io-layer/.libs/libwapi.al ../../mono/utils/.libs/libmonoutils.al
+../../libgc/.libs/libmonogc.al -z defaultextract  -lsocket -lnsl -lxnet
+-lpthread -lm -lrt -lc  -version-script=./ldscript
+/usr/ccs/bin/ld: illegal option -- v
+usage: ld [-6:abc:d:e:f:h:il:mo:p:rstu:z:B:CD:F:GI:L:M:N:P:Q:R:S:VY:?] file(s)
+        [-64]           enforce a 64-bit link-edit
+        [-a]            create an absolute file
+        [-b]            do not do special PIC relocations in a.out
+        [-B direct]     specify `direct' bindings for executable when run
+        [-B dynamic | static]
+                        search for shared libraries|archives
+        [-B eliminate]  eliminate unqualified global symbols from the
+                        symbol table
+        [-B group]      relocate object from within group
+        [-B local]      reduce unqualified global symbols to local
+        [-B reduce]     process symbol reductions
+        [-B symbolic]   bind external references to definitions when creating
+                        shared objects
+        [-c name]       record configuration file `name'
+        [-C]            demangle C++ symbol name diagnostics
+        [-d y | n]      operate in dynamic|static mode
+        [-D token,...]  print diagnostic messages
+        [-e epsym]      use `epsym' as entry point address
+        [-f name]       specify library for which this file is an auxiliary
+                        filter
+        [-F name]       specify library for which this file is a filter
+        [-G]            create a shared object
+        [-h name]       use `name' as internal shared object identifier
+        [-i]            ignore LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting
+        [-I name]       use `name' as path of interpreter
+        [-l x]          search for libx.so or libx.a
+        [-L path]       search for libraries in directory `path'
+        [-m]            print memory map
+        [-M mapfile]    use processing directives contained in `mapfile'
+        [-N string]     create a dynamic dependency for `string'
+        [-o outfile]    name the output file `outfile'
+        [-p auditlib]   identify audit library to accompany this object
+        [-P auditlib]   identify audit library for processing the dependencies
+                        of this object
+        [-Q y | n]      do|do not place version information in output file
+        [-r]            create a relocatable object
+        [-R path]       specify a library search path to be used at run time
+        [-s]            strip any symbol and debugging information
+        [-S supportlib]
+                        specify a link-edit support library
+        [-t]            do not warn of multiply-defined symbols that have
+                        different sizes or alignments
+        [-u symname]    create an undefined symbol `symname'
+        [-V]            print version information
+        [-Y P,dirlist]  use `dirlist' as a default path when searching for
+                        libraries
+        [-z absexec]    when building an executable absolute symbols
+                        referenced in dynamic objects are promoted to
+                        the executable
+        [-z allextract | defaultextract | weakextract]
+                        extract all member files, only members that resolve
+                        undefined tor tentative symbols, or allow extraction of
+                        archive members to resolvetweak references from 
+                        archive files
+        [-z combreloc]  combine multiple relocation sections
+        [-z nocompstrtab]       disable compression of string tables
+        [-z defs]       disallow undefined symbol references
+        [-z endfiltee]  marks a filtee such that it will terminate a filters
+                        search
+        [-z finiarray=function]
+                        name of function to be appended to the .finiarray
+        [-z groupperm | nogroupperm]
+                        enable|disable setting of group permissions
+                        on dynamic dependencies
+        [-z ignore | record]
+                        ignore|record unused dynamic dependencies
+        [-z initarray=function]
+                        name of function to be appended to the .initarray
+        [-z initfirst]  mark object to indicate that its .init section should
+                        be executed before the .init section of any other
+                        objects
+        [-z interpose]  dynamic object is to be an `interposer' on direct
+                        bindings
+        [-z lazyload | nolazyload]
+                        enable|disable delayed loading of shared objects
+        [-z ld32=arg1,arg2,...]
+                        define arguments applicable to the 32-bit class of
+        [-z ld64=arg1,arg2,...]
+                        define arguments applicable to the 64-bit class of
+        [-z loadfltr]   mark filter as requiring immediate loading of its
+                        filtees at runtime
+        [-z muldefs]    allow multiply-defined symbols
+        [-z nodefs]     allow undefined symbol references
+        [-z nodefaultlib]
+                        mark object to ignore any default library search path
+        [-z nodelete]   mark object as non-deletable
+        [-z nodlopen]   mark object as non-dlopen()'able
+        [-z nodump]     mark object as non-dldump()'able
+        [-z nopartial]  expand any partially initialized symbols
+        [-z noversion]  don't record any version sections
+        [-z now]        mark object as requiring non-lazy binding
+        [-z origin]     mark object as requiring $ORIGIN processing
+        [-z preinitarray=function]
+                        name of function to be appended to the .preinitarray
+        [-z redlocsym]  reduce local syms in .symtab to a minimum
+        [-z rescan]     rescan archive list until no further member
+                        extraction occurs
+        [-z text]       disallow output relocations against text
+        [-z textoff]    allow output relocations against text
+        [-z textwarn]   warn if there are relocations against text
+        [-z verbose]    generate warnings for suspicious processings
+make[4]: *** [libmono.la] Error 1
+Expected Results: Successful build
+How often does this happen? Always.
+Additional Information:
+SunOS thundercats 5.9 Generic_112233-08 sun4u sparc SUNW,UltraAX-i2