[Mono-bugs] become the man that women desire

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I received excellent customer service                         <BR>     <BR>
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</a>  <BR>   Its wooden legs moved so fast that their twinkling could
scarcely be seen, and although so much smaller than the cab-horse it covered
the ground much faster         <BR>
Before they had reached the trees the Sawhorse was far ahead, and the
wooden animal returned to the starting place as was being lustily cheered by
the Ozites before Jim came panting up to the canopy where the Princess and
her friends were seated    <BR>         Finally a brave rally by the
Americans sent their foes to the cover of the woods, where they scattered in
every direction, only to form again in a deep valley hidden by high hills
   <BR>               <BR>          
I am sorry to record the fact that Jim was not only ashamed of his defeat
but for a moment lost control of his temper If only I was there, thought
Rob, I could show that captain where to find the rebels and capture them