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OTC FIRST ALERT - New Public Company of the Month

Symbol: QENC
Market: PK
Sector: Queench, Inc. 

BREAKING NEWS:  Jan 8, 2004  -- Queench, Inc.(OTC: QENC)is now a full-time=

supplier of bottled water to the military.
JERICHO, NY - Queench, Inc.(OTC: QENC) today announced that it has complet=
inspection and approval of its water bottling plants by the U.S. Army
Veterinary Command (VETCOM). 

BREAKING NEWS:   Nov. 13, 2003  -- Queench, Inc.(OTC: QENC) 2003 Third
Quarter Net Income Rose 76.8%. The Third Quarter Net Income ending 9/30/03=

increased 76.8% from the Q2, and a 987% increase year-to-year. Net income
for the 9 months ending 9/30/03 resulted in a 1274% year-to-year increase.=

Jim Furey of Lehman Brothers says, "You want to own small stocks versus
large stocks when economic growth is accelerating, which is exactly the
period we're in now."
QENC is a small company perfectly poised to harness the $7.6 billion bottl=
water segment with a high quality premium brand priced competitively.

The bottled water segment is the fastest growing of the beverage market.  =
the $100 billion beverage industry, bottled water is nearly $7.6 billion
annually, and forecasted to grow over 50% over the next 5 years.  

QENC has the best of both worlds, where unlike Aquafina and Dasani, QENC i=
high-end natural spring water, and unlike Evian, QENC is competitively
priced.  QENC's target consumer is health and beauty conscious including G=
Y, Gen X, and Baby Boomers who live a metropolitan lifestyle.
QENC offers two fantastic product lines: Queench Natural Spring Water and
the Queench Flavored Water Beverages, which are vitamin-enhanced and come =
five cool new flavors: Coconut, O' Ginger, Red Raspberry, Pineapple and


QENC bottled water is nationally distributed through SYSCO FOODS.  SYSCO
Foods is the largest food distributor operating 145 locations and has sale=
and service relationships with 420,000 customers including restaurants,
healthcare and educational facilities, lodging establishments, and more.
This relationship provides key access to new markets with low capital

Naomi Campbell's NC CONNECT integrated marketing agency, has signed to hel=
QENC reach national and global consumers by providing marketing and
advertising that will position QENC as a major lifestyle brand in the
bottled water market.  
01/08/04: QENC completed inspection and approval of its plants by the US
Army Veterinary Command (VETCOM).  QENC's been supplying the military
contract in the South and Florida and the Army has been increasing orders =
a monthly basis, which will result in higher Q1 2004 revenue.
12/03/03: QENC's strategically placing new eye-catching vending machines i=
locations on college campuses, retail, entertainment and sports venues and=

convenience stores.  500 vending machines installed in initial rollout in
2003 with approx. 2,500 vending machines to be installed in a 3-year perio=
The beverage-vending channel is typically highly profitable.


12/03/03: QENC is currently shipping over 54,000 cases of bottled water
quarterly, with a year-to-date quarterly revenue growth rate of 19.7=
QENC's NET INCOME for the Q3 ending 9/30/03 increased 76.8% from the Q2, a=
a 987% increase year-to-year. Net income for the 9 months ending 9/30/03
resulted in a 1274% year-to-year increase.
QENC's SALES for the Q2 of 2002 increased 77% to $848,269 year-to-year, fr=
$478,052, as a result of rolling out new product lines and implementing a
channel development strategy.
QENC's high quality premium water is priced very competitive, they have an=

excellent distribution channel with SYSCO and strategically placed vending=

machines, and a marketing campaign designed to focus on their target marke=
For a young company QENC has made substantial accomplishments and is poise=
to harness their segment of the $7.6 billion bottle water industry.

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