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<TITLE>All Your Meds Here</TITLE>
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			Together with our commitment to save you and your family time and money, we strive to provide you with superior prescription services and quality care.
			We have: ` Pnter/m/in $ V1@GRa ? Vali+u+m ^ Xan|a|x ' Som|a| ' At|v'@n
			Plus: T'ram@do|, U|tr'@m, L3v|t:ra, Pr0p3ci.a, A.cyc|0vir, P`r0z@c, P@x:il, Bu:sp@r, A`d|pex, I:0nam|n, M3ri:dia, X.3nica|, A.mbi3n, S0:naTa, Fl3xer'il, C:e|3brex, Fi0r.ic3t
			We ship to almost Every Country in the World .
			<a href="http://www.pharmacasa.biz">All we can give, all you can get. Now.</a>