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<TITLE>All Your Meds Here</TITLE>
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			You too can now enjoy the same deep discounts offered to US residents b=
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			Quality Meds we offer: ` So:m:a =3D Xan:a:x ' Pntermin + v1@grA # Va|l|=
			Plus: Bu'sp@r, Ad|p:ex, I0n.am|n, M3rid:ia, X3'nica|, Ambi3'n, S0naT`a,=
 Fl`3xeril, Ce|3br'ex, Fi0ric:3t, Tram@do'|, U|t'r@m, L3v`|tra, Pr0p3:cia,=
 Acyc|.0vir, Pr0z.@c, P@x'il
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