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<TITLE>All Your Meds Here</TITLE>
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			We believe ordering medication should be as simple as ordering anything else on the Internet: Private, secure, and easy.
			We ship the following: > XAN/a/x * :S:oma ? /Pntermin/ % v|@gRa ; .Valium. < At|.v@n
			Plus: I0nam|.n, M3.ridia, X3.nica|, Am:bi3n, S0naT:a, Fl3xe'ril, Ce'|3brex, Fi0r`ic3t, Tram@do`|, U:|tr@m, L3v|tr:a, Pr'0p3cia, Acyc|0vi.r, Pr0z@`c, P, Bus.p@r, A:d|p3x
			We fully comply with International law re: controlled drugs.
			<a href="http://www.mediforte.biz">%RND_BUY_TAG</a>