[Mono-bugs] Meds for less .!

Josefa Land xhlzgrjfktuiz@yahoo.com
Mon, 16 Feb 2004 13:39:24 -0600

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<p align=3D"center"><font color=3D"#ff0000" size=3D"4"><b>Can You Answer Y=
es To One Of The 
Following ?</b></font></p>
<p align=3D"center"><font size=3D"4"><br>
<b><font color=3D"#ff0000">1.</font> I want to l<d>ose weig<d>ht</b><br>
<b><font color=3D"#ff0000">2.</font> I have a hard time falling asleep</b>=
<b><font color=3D"#ff0000">3. </font>I have aches and pains</b><br>
<b><font color=3D"#ff0000">4.</font> I hate going to the doctor</b><br>
<b><font color=3D"#ff0000">5.</font> I want free shipping</b><br>
</font><a href=3D"http://www.clendncares.com/gp/default.asp?id=3DJC2"><fon=
t size=3D"4">Then press this now</font></a></p>