[Mono-bugs] Spendin.g TOO MUCH on Pre.scriptions?

Patrice Patrice <Carmen@adni.net>
Sat, 14 Feb 2004 12:00:40 +0200

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<font face=3DArial size=3D2>
Why pay <b>O<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>utrageous</b> Ph<font styl=
e=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>arm<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>acy price=
s for <b>Vi<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>agr<font style=3Dfont-size:=
1px>.</font>a</b> & <b>C<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>ia<font style=3D=
Did you know you can order <b>Vi<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>ag<fon=
t style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>ra</b> & <b>C<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.=
</font>iali<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>s</b> over the Internet for=
 a fraction of the cost of what a real Pha<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</f=
ont>rmacy would charge.
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font-size:1px>.</font>ine Fa<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>st & Easy<=
<li>Save Money - Ge<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>ner<font style=3Dfo=
nt-size:1px>.</font>ic Pre<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>scriptio<fon=
t style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>ns cost <b><i>60%</b></i> less compared to=
<li>Anonymous Shipping - Feel Safe all O<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</fon=
t>rders are Discrete</li>
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<font face=3D"Arial" size=3D"3">
<a href=3D"http://atwI7agJ.addr.com.poeunsec.com/g/index.php?AFF_ID=3Dry22=
<b>Visi<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>t our Gen<font style=3Dfont-siz=
e:1px>.</font>eric Vi<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>agr<font style=3D=
font-size:1px>.</font>a site To<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>day</b>=
<a href=3D"http://pVESZ.addr.com.xznix.com/c2/index.php?AFF_ID=3Dry22">
<b>V<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>is<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</f=
ont>it our <font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>Ge<font style=3Dfont-size:1=
px>.</font>neric C<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>iali<font style=3Dfo=
nt-size:1px>.</font>s site Toda<font style=3Dfont-size:1px>.</font>y</b></=
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