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OTC FIRST ALERT -  New Public Company of the Month

Symbol: ICTN
Market: PK
Sector: ICTN Pioneering Proprietary Technology at Forefront of $300 Billio=
n Telecom Industry

BREAKING NEWS: SEATTLE, Feb 9, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Innovative Communic=
ations Technologies, Inc., (ICTN) reports gross revenue increased 21.6=
% from November 2003 to December 2003, and increased 29.7% December 2003 t=
o January 2004. 

BREAKING NEWS: SEATTLE, Jan 29, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Innovative Communi=
cations Technologies, Inc., (ICTN) wireless division announces the signing=
 of additional sub-dealers to their National Premier VAR Dealer Agreement =
to promote and sell wireless products and data and voice services for T-Mo=
bile USA, Inc. 

Technology and telecommunications stocks are back in play.  They remain th=
e top two sectors in Value Line's technical and timelines rankings, leadin=
g the entire stock market in growth in part of 2003.  "It's difficult to i=
magine a major rally without the support of technology and telecom stocks"=
, says Value Line.  "They account for more than 20% of the stock market's =
ICTN's proprietary technology and alliances with industry leaders have pla=
ce ICTN at the forefront of the telecommunications industry.

 * ICTN's the only company offering businesses the ability to double their=
 call capacity for long distance and toll free usage, while generally cutt=
ing bills in half and paying one fixed monthly lease cost.  
ICTN accomplishes this by implementing their proprietary GPTN (Global Priv=
ate Telecommunication Network) product, a technology similar to but of hig=
her quality than Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

 * ICTN builds its unique proprietary self-contained private telecommunica=
tions network, known as GPTN, then leases it to its business customers all=
owing voice to travel between calling areas as if they were local.

Traditionally, using the Internet to place phone calls has quality issues.=
  The solution is GPTN, which utilizes Voice Over Packetization Technology=
 (VOPT), a leading-edge technology specifically designed to carry voice ca=
lls over private networks.  This is a revolutionary and proven product tha=
t is different from any alternative in the market today.  ICTN developed i=
t, owns it, and has been successfully marketing it across North America fo=
r over a decade to the upturning $50 billion Business telecom sector.

BREAKING NEWS: 2/09/04:  ICTN Reports Revenues UP in all segments of its B=
usinesses - UP 51.3% from 11/03 to 01/04.

ICTN's second market within the telecom sector is the growing wireless mar=
ket that is expecting a 9.1% compound annual growth rate from 2004 to 2007=
Where does ICTN fit?  ICTN is a company with a proven track record of stro=
ng cellular sales plus innovative and successful marketing strategies that=
 changed the way wireless phones are sold.  

 * 2/02/04: ICTN has recently signed an agreement with T-Mobile.

 * ICTN is the only National Premier VAR Dealer in the Pacific Northwest s=
elling T-Mobile's wireless communications services and devices across the =

Referring to ICTN's targeting of wireless data services with T-Mobile, "Th=
e possibilities are endless," says CEO Barry Henthorn.  This may be especi=
ally true since the FCC's number portability rules went into effect, requi=
ring wireless phone companies to allow customers to keep the same phone nu=
mber when switching service providers.  And T-Mobile is leading the battle=
 to gain market share from this regulatory opportunity, adding a whopping =
1 million subscribers from Q3.  


 * ICTN has a proprietary technology, growing list of clients like the Aut=
o Trader Magazine, and others including the northwest network, and strong =
alliances with Cisco Systems  (NASD: CSCO) and others, which has helped po=
sition ICTN in the upturning $50 billion Business-telecommunications secto=

 * ICTN's technology is so popular that a backlog of customer demand excee=
ds the current resources of ICTN.   No wonder.  ICTN reduces telecom costs=
 by an average of 50% allowing the customer to migrate to state-of-the-art=

 * ICTN is the only company offering this type of product to business cust=

 * ICTN is positioned to grow with the current upturn in the $300 billion =
telecommunications sector and is strategically positioned as a private net=
work provider.

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